You have a special opportunity to own a priceless treasure
An Ipod loaded with 1900 of Rav Miller's shiurim including the unforgettable "Thursday Night Lectures" by HavRav Avigdor Miller zt"l. Also included are the Mussar Shiurim on Orchos Tzadikim, Mesilas Yeshorim, Chovas Halevovos, Pirkei Avos, Rambam, Sharei Teshuva-Rabeinu Yona, Cheshbon Hanefesh and much more.


This Special treasure
can be yours for for
less then $3 a day!!!

To make this treasure affordable and enable the greatest accessibility, convenient payment plans are available. We suggest a $300 first payment with $100 monthly payments afterward.
NO REASONABLE PAYMENT OPTION REFUSED. For more details please contact R' Yehuda Brog at Yeshiva Gedolah Bais Yisroel 718-258-7400 or
917-662 1619 or

All proceeds go to support Yeshiva Gedolah Bais Yisroel and Rabbi Avigdor Miller Torah Library

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